Finland and its Forests

Situated above the Arctic Circle, Finland is covered with thick forest, mainly of pine trees, which stretch for kilometers. The forest occupies a special place in the heart of the Finnish. Since the earliest times, we've appreciated and respected it. This attitude towards the forest has been transmitted from generation to generation and even today the Finns are lovers of their forests. Over the centuries forests have played a central role in the development of the Finnish economy.

Finnish forests are an ecological environment of such cleanliness that breathing becomes a real pleasure. Added to this is ta reign of silence that helps achieve a certain inner peace. The exceptional qualities of Finnish pine make it a unique building material whose value is comparable to gold. Therefore people have a responsible attitude towards the forest. Cutting down trees in the wild is forbidden, and for every cut down tree the owner must replant a new one.

Of their own initiative, independent owners form associations through which they manage the replacement of felled trees. Finnish pine and fir, woods recognized for their exceptional qualities as a building material, specifically grow in this forest type and in accordance with the highest European standards, authentic wooden houses are built with this type of material.

Types of Finnish Wood



This is a very well-known contruction material. It is manufactured with high precision specialized equipment in order to obtain perfect lines and correct sizes. This is an ecological and wholesome material that allows for a good balance between humidity and oxygen levels, therefore creating a healthy and pleasant microclimate inside the home.


Laminated lumber is a high quality machined material which conserves its shape even after construction is completed, and it doesn't crack. It has a superior durability thanks to a special bonding technology, and also has an excellent degree of surface finish. Furthermore the phenomenon of contraction in its height is very limited (only 1-2 %). It is also quicker to assemble.



A log house makes one think of a house in fairy tales. Furthermore, it doesn't harm the environment.


Laminated log is one of the most modern materials used in the construction of wooden houses. It combines all the qualities of laminated timber calibrated with the charm of the traditional log.


Dried Kelo Pine "Mort Sur Pied"

It is a building material produced by hand/made by craftsmen. It is distinguished by its beautiful silver color, an original texture, and a strong pine smell. The main advantages of this wood are that its appearance changes very little over time, it is environmentally friendly, and it has a very low moisture content. This results in an almost total absence of the contraction phenomenon.

Golden Pine

After cleaning the trunk with a powerful water jet, the wood takes on a golden hue, hence the name golden pine. With this technique, only the top layer of the bark is removed thus the wood retains all of its natural protective properties and remains resistant to the most extreme weather conditions.

Some Examples

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