Everything you need to know about JF RENOVATION SAUNA-FINLAND...

Finnish Sauna and Chalet Specialists

It all started in 1984 in Lapland with a young Lapp who loved his forests. After carpenter training and many internships across Finland, he decides to open his own workshop, and the company JF RENOVATION SAUNA-FINLAND is born. Having now thirty years of experience in Finnish cottage construction, we operate mainly in Finland but also in France. Our team consists of a competent staff including a manager who comes from Lapland, home of the wooden construction. With his strong know-how, his reputation has gone beyond our borders.
The company has developed a loyal clientele who does not hesitate to contact us for projects such as building saunas, authentic Finnish barbecues (BBQ fully closed), pool shelters, sheds, stables, etc…
Our staff moves to you and adapts to your project, but is also there to advise you and see your project to the end.
The competence of our manager led him to train the staff of French companies in this mastery of wood which requires many years of work and a passion for the material. Woodworking is an art and the satisfaction of the master is to achieve its goal without pitfalls.

Selection of all parties involved in the realisation of your project. Studies, consultations, coordination, and monitoring of the construction site.

One contact- you deal with one person only. Save time and money.

Our on-site estimate is free and without obligation (Departments 83 & 06).

Sectors : ALL SECTORS France and foreign.

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